Meet the young explorers

Jet Edit

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Jet is confident, optimistic, and a natural born leader. He’s part of generation that was born on Mars. And is proud to be a Martian. He thinks Mars is the greatest planet in the universe! Jet has never been on Earth.

Jet is a boy with the plan - inventive and ingenious. And always ready for action. When Jet decides something, he doesn’t hesitate to do it, even if it’s dangerous. You could say that he is fearless.  

Jet is into astronomy, which was introduced to him by his father.  He knows everything about solar system and beyond. If you ask him, he will tell you, that he will be someday part of a mission on a interstellar journey. But he is not just familiar with a future of a space travel, he knows also everything about the history of a space exploration.

Jet is not so strong in software hacking like some of his friends are. Jet prefers practical solutions over theory that is written in the e-books.   

Together, Jet and his bot make a great team - it’s almost like his bot can read his mind! They’re always on the lookout for adventure. Jet is up for anything, even if it’s dangerous.

Jet is having a winning mentality and he has a problem with losing. Especially when Eve beats him in some game or competition.  Jet is playing or practicing something as long as it takes, so he can be the best at it. Being second best is not good for him.

Eve Edit

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Eve is independent and intelligent. She is an action girl. Eve is not like other girls in the Mars School. She is more boyish.  

Eve is always competing with Jet. She is convinced that she will do things better then him. When Jet dismisses her, she is even more eager to show him that she can solve problems better and faster than him or anybody else. Her attitude is: “What a boy can do, a girl can do it better.”

Usually her solutions - or is that a hack or a part of plan -  are the cherry on the top, the last thing that was missing so that something could work.  She always finds the missing piece of the puzzle.

She is a straight A student at school. Her only weakness in school is the music class. She knows the theory, but can’t sing nor she or can play any of the instruments.

Eve is fascinated with the planet Earth. As Jet, she was born on Mars and she doesn’t know what is it like living on Earth. She reads and watches everything about Earth and Earth history.

Her biggest wish is to someday visit and explore Earth and life on Earth.