Now it’s official - there is fun on Mars. Voyage in the year 2124 and explore the visionary city of NeoMars. Be one of the first to set fingers on the bursting Mars Pop bubble shooter and join the adventures of fearless Jet, Eve and their NeoBots. And get ready for more - there is an exciting whole new world of fun waiting for you to discover.

Mars Pop takes place in the future in NeoMars -- a modern, visionary city on Mars in the year 2124. Early settlers moved to Mars in 2033 and created domed cities with similar living conditions to Earth -- but with more advanced technology. Outside the NeoMars dome, the planet is still a red rock with a dangerous atmosphere and violent dust storms. Underneath the surface, an underground treasure trove of ores and minerals powers all of the advanced NeoMars technology.

The community that makes up NeoMars is diverse and vibrant, with a number of experts, multiple generations and many of whom were born on Mars. Everyone has a NeoBot, a personal robot that is an extension of themselves and linked to their own DNA. These adorable, fun drones are capable of nearly everything and act as communication devices, best friends, guardians, and protectors. Would you like to immerse into this exciting world of adventure? Read more on the official Mars Pop Website